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Tips To Relieve A State Of Depression


Sometimes depression feels like a never ending cycle of unhappiness, like a dark cloud that hangs over you and your life. You’ve got to be proactive about your feelings and face depression head-on. The following tips may be useful in your battle against depression and returning to your usual state of mind.

1. Understand that you are stronger than your depression. You may not feel like it sometimes, but you are capable of beating depression; you are going to return to your normal state one way or the other. Constantly tell yourself that you are strong and capable, powerful and worthy and that you intend to find a way around depression. Use visualization to train yourself to return to a happier way of life, and be relentless in your use of positive thinking.

2. Eat to care for yourself, not comfort. Although it’s very tempting to console your emotions with chocolate and other unhealthy foods, it’s more important that you eat to be healthy. Many foods either work with or against your body in helping you heal; stay away from processed and fatty foods or other things that are unnatural.

Tips To Relieve

3. Immerse yourself in favorite activities. If you have lost interest in a hobby, try picking it up again. Go hiking if you’ve always found that it helps to clear your head, or try organizing a book club meeting or something else that will allow you to express interest and interact with the positive. You may find trying a totally new hobby works to ease away the blues.

4. Dress well and pamper yourself. Looking good is part of the “fake it until you make it philosophy,” and it can work at least to give you a start in the right direction. The way you present yourself can change your mood and lift your spirits; try getting a new outfit or treating yourself at the spa. The effort may convince you that you are worthy of feeling better and getting out to do the things that you love.

5. Use self-help books and CDs. Motivational media can be very helpful because it speaks directly to you and offers a lot of material with which you can relate; search until you find a book or CD that speaks to you. Look for something about your particular type of depression or whatever may be causing it.

6. Seek strength in a support group. There are many organizations both online and in person where you can talk about your feelings, listen to others and exchange helpful ideas. You can be completely anonymous online, but reaching out to people in the real world may be better for you if your depression is severe or persistent. Either way, understand that you don’t have to go through this alone.

Nobody deserves to be depressed or to face depression alone; use these tips and other methods that may help alleviate your sadness. If you find that depression persists or brings you down severely, please don’t hesitate to seek professional help.